details 101: collars

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classic crew-neck

Nothing is more classic than a garment with a crew-neck.

This down-to-earth crew-neck is a perfect example: a timeless collar for many unforgettable good moments.

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Amongst others, this crew-neck graces our easygoing singlet:

This collar is wide enough to disappear while wearing a cool sweatshirt.

But without any doubt, this remarkable neckline is a real eye-catcher on its own as well.

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Let’s get the ease of the 70s!

This super nice shaped V-neck complete the chilled vibes of this vivid era perfectly.

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rounded V-neck

This V-neck is not only for hippies - it is for all those who really want to look good!

This V-neckline is slightly rounded and deep enough to be perceived as stylish and timeless.

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loose v-neck

Subtle sexiness effected by the deep, narrow V-neck:

This is really a charming collar for every good moment in life. With this neckline, you will attract attention in a very easygoing and pleasant way.