something good and

the swan

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let us share

good moments
& good things in life...

let us feel best natural materials,
honest craftsmanship
& true dedication

let us experience uniqueness
& pure aesthetics

let us honor beloved, already accomplished ideas
& reinvent them

let us appreciate
& share all that is good in life



Good moments, good things - we all know they exist. But what is it, that makes a moment or a thing good for us? Mostly people make this possible, don't they?

An inspiring conversation, a lovely meal or a garment made with passion – we can tell at an instant when something was made with true appreciation. Also we from Merz b. Schwanen are thankful to be part of this lovely giving and taking

Also we from Merz b. Schwanen are thankful to be part of this lovely giving and taking.

We believe, that there should be things, with which we do good for each other and that let us feel good. Therefore, each Merz b. Schwanen garment is made of all natural materials and outstanding craftsmanship, but also honest passion of each and every one. This is visible, this is palpable.

We know, of course, that no garment is meant to last forever, but it is a faithful companion for many good moments.

"To me, Merz b. Schwanen is the realization of a dream. The nature of manufacturing, the product, and the people – all of this fulfills me and makes me very thankful"

Peter Plotnicki / Owner & CEO

“To me, Merz b. Schwanen is the visible and palpable combination of tradition and vision.”

Gitta Plotnicki / Creative Director; Co-Owner

"To me, Merz b. Schwanen stands for creating something, that is acknowledged and appreciated.”

Rudolf Loder / manufacturer

“In my understanding Merz b. Schwanen is the valuable preservation of craftsmanship with a unique character”

Michael Schleicher / Produktion Manager

“Merz b. Schwanen represents to me the opportunity and gratification to be a part of something good.”

Klaus Siedle / reactivated pensioner

„To me, Merz b. Schwanen is a way of life that I can wear.”

Robert Gauck / Head of Sales

“It is fascinating, that I had every Merz b. Schwanen textile in my hands.”

Konrad Sykora /  Logistics & Distribution

“The heart and soul, that we put in every single textile comes back to us."

Gabi & Pascal Mazarella / sewing & cutting