180sLV loose V 1/4 Arm | 53 partial dipped natural indigo

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We have a textile "blue chip" for you!

In collaboration with Blue Print Amsterdam, our classic T-shirt gets an even more special treatment. By being hand-dyed with top-notch indigo, every T-shirt is a true one-of-a-kind piece with its very own color gradient.

Made with authentic traditional production methods by Blue Print Amsterdam and enriched with natural shades of indigo colorant, this T-shirt proves to be a reliable companion and will make not only all indigo-lover’s hearts beat faster.

You sure won’t "feel blue" with this indigo-dyed T-shirt.

For over a hundred years, the material blend used for this shirt was a popular substitute for the expensive Maco-cotton from Egypt.

Even today, the comfortable haptics can hold its own – this material may be a revision, but isn’t it an original nonetheless?


  • Maco-Imit, 67 % Baumwolle / 33 % Viskose
  • 1-fädig, 130 gr., gefertigt auf original Rundwirkmaschinen
  • natürliches leichtes Material für bestes Hautgefühl
  • weiche und angenehme Struktur
Form & Fit
  • slim, but still comfortable cut
  • authentic yet modern design with a wide neckline
  • short sleeves
  • open sleeve hem
  • straight hem
  • ca. 2cm extra length, as garment will shrink in the first wash
  • puristic neckline design
  • gentle to the skin, free of chemical additives
  • eco-friendly: no industrial prewash
  • completely made in Germany