271 socks | 60 navy/grey mel.

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A loyal companion for all occasions.

The socks from Merz b. Schwanen made from 100% cotton always ensure a good poise.

The manually linked seam in the toe area offers highest wearing comfort and the additional reinforcement, offset by color, at the heel and toe area, provides endurance.

  • 100% reine Baumwolle

  • natürliches Material für bestes Hautgefühl
  • griffig-kernig und zugleich angenehme Haptik
Form & Fit
  • shank height ideal for boots: the upper end is still visible and sets color accents
  • excellent wearing comfort
  • slip-proof, comfortable leg fit
  • long-lasting through reinforcements at the heel and the tip
  • heel and tip reinforcement offset by color
  • manually linked seam in the front area, therefore very comfortbale
  • excellent skin comfort by means of gentle finishing
  • eco-friendly due to the omission of an industrial pre-wash
  • manufactured in Germany