19.50sMbS boyfriend crew 1/4 slv. indigo print | 01 white

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In collaboration with Blue Print Amsterdam, our timeless crew-neck T-Shirt gets an even more special treatment: Hand painted with attention to detail the Merz b. Schwanen logo stencil print on front with high-quality natural indigo.

What’s even more special? The limited quantity of this Shirt is enumerated and hand numbered with ink on the inside of every piece by Blue Print Amsterdam’s founder Celia Geraedts. You sure won’t "feel blue" with this indigo swan-branded T-shirt.

This T-shirt is slim fit, but still casual and goes with every look. Pure organic-cotton feels comfortable on your skin. The 2-count fabric is durable and sturdy.

Discover the full story behind this limited edition T-shirt right here.

  • 100% reine Bio-Baumwolle
  • natürliches Material für bestes Hautgefühl
  • angenehme Haptik
  • 1-fädiges Jerseymaterial, gefertigt auf original Rundwirkmaschinen
Form & Fit
  • relaxed, easygoing cut
  • rounded neckline - classic crew neck
  • short sleeves
  • open sleeve hem
  • straight hem
  • ca. 2cm extra length, as garment will shrink in the first wash
  • neckline with ribbon bordering
  • gentle to the skin, free of chemical additives
  • eco-friendly: no industrial prewash
  • completely made in Germany