and you will live the good moment -- this is our motto for spring-summer 2019.

New experience - now more fun!

The new year is starting with a bang and we're so excited to share all of these good changes with you which will make your Merz b. Schwanen experience even easier and more fun!

Many new features

But as they say, good things take time so we'll just have to be patient and slowly roll out the new features one after one.

Over the next few months, lots of features and changes will be added -- the new seasonal colors and styles will start to drop shortly and trust us, you don't want to miss those...

Also, a very cool, new product range will be available soon and our online shop and customer service experience is getting some major improvements.


Here are some tasty news for you:

NEW DESIGN Well, first off, you can now explore in our brand new online shop:

  • a fresh new product page

  • a sleek sidebar to find everything you're looking for right away

  • a sexy filter to narrow down your search and a clean, new design with simplicity in mind.

  • You can even download care-labels for each product. Ain't that sweet?

Hold on, there even more:


Your customer account has even more useful information now and got a makeover. Reset your password and check it out now! Delish.


Ever liked something, and wanted to save it for later? Try our mouth-watering 'wishlist' feature where you can always keep track of your favorite products.


Finally, a big re-stock of all-time-favorites just came into our warehouse, fresh from the sewing-machine . Have a look at these always-back-in-stock items

So stay tuned...

P.S.: Got feedback? We'd love to hear from you! Send us an e-mail to feedback@merzbschwanen.com to let us know!

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