Baumwolle 3-Fädig Schwer: Eine schwerwiegende Angelegenheit 

The temperatures are not quite springlike yet — but our sweatshirts made of our cotton "3-Fädig Schwer"-fabric will accompany you come rain or shine!

Regarding the fabric itself and its name, there might be some questions coming to mind. So let's go through the most important ones!

Where does the designation "3-Fädig Schwer“ come from?

Admittedly, the name may sound odd at first. But after clearing things up one by one, everything will add up — we promise. First things first, every product made of this particular fabric starts with the abbreviation "3S" – easy to recognize.

Wie setzt sich diese Bezeichnung zusammen?

Starting with the „3“: this comes from the materials compound of three different threads: Cover-, filler- and lining thread. Each of it is a must for the rich and unique surface structure.

The „S“ stands for heavy! Don't you believe that? Being a byword for the German term „schwer“, which translates into heavy — makes sense, right? We told you so.

außen kernig                   
innen weich

What makes this fabric so heavy?  

It literally is a serious matter with its weight of 420 gr. The fabric is very solid and robust. Gone are the times of soft materials and a cozy feeling. Isn't that strong fabric you've ever wanted? Just kidding, classic Merz b. Schwanen details assure that you feel comfortable while wearing.

What is the material's peculiarity?

"Hard shell, soft inside" – that's the specialty.

And Speaking of it, not only the fabric itself but also the set up of the loopwheelers is special. As the set up is very complex, we have two machines, on which the setting never gets changed. Both loopwheelers exclusively produce this fabric and none other. 

The material is loopwheeled: but why does it have side-seams?

Exactly, the fabric is loopwheeled, so no worries about that.

Die aufwendige Produktion, sowie die Maschinen machen das Material zu einer echten Seltenheit. Daher haben wir nicht für jede der Größen 3/XS - 8/XXL eine eigeneRundiwrkmaschine. So werden Vorder - und Rückpartie zusammengenäht, was zu Seitennähten führt — aber keine Sorge, das gewohnt gut Tragegefühl bleibt.

Ob zeitloses Sweatshirt, cooler Kapuzenpullover oder lässige Kapuzenjacke: Für welchen Style du dich auch entscheidest, dieses kraftvolle Material begleitet dich eine kleine Ewigkeit.

Any further questions? The best way to answer those is to try this tough fabric yourself — maybe it is just as tough as you.  


Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


Rundhals Sweatshirt schwer


Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns


Kaputensweatshirt schwer


Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


hooded zip jacket heavy



- surface weight: 420g

- 3 thread: cover thread, filler thread, lining thread

- 2-fädiger Deckfaden, was eine stärkere, dichtere Decke zur Folge hat, daher wird ein stärkerer Einlegefaden benötigt

- special and very complex machine set up

- two loop wheeler on which the setting never gets changed, only producing 3S-fabric

- eine Maschine auf die Größe 22“ un die andere auf einen Durchmesser von 24“ eingestellt

- no separate machine for each size (3/XS-8/XXL), resulting in side-seams for all products made of 3S-fabric