Easy stripes

for good vibes!

The vast ocean, warm sunrays, and good vibes!

Do you also start day-dreaming yourself into your well-deserved vacation? Hearing the calming sound of the sea? Feeling the sand between your toes? While this day surely will come, these pieces will make you feel like you're already on that beach. Let's dive right into it!

There are only a few patterns that sail through time so easily and stay just as timeless like airy stripes. Once the sun is looming on the horizon, eye-catching yet casual striped styles are seen more often – luckily. Associated with the endless blue sky, the clear ocean, and summer breeze, easy-going stripes grant immediate positive vibes every time your wear them.

Looking cool is surely given with these styles, and so is feeling good: thanks to the lightweight all-organic cotton, these pieces feel just as good as a pleasant breeze on a hot sunny day.

The holidays can come, right? Until they are here, make the most of it now. Enjoy the sun and grant yourself instant good vibes with easy stripes.

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WCT03 striped crew neck T-shirt 

0133 | white - lobster



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WSWSL01 sweatshirt short sleeve

33 | lobster



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FTBH01 bucket hat Frech terry

01 | white