Similar but  different:

CT01 & CT02

These T-shirts look quite familiar, right?

While the high-quality organic cotton, the attached collar, and the triangular inserts under the arms stay the same, it's another detail that makes the difference here. Which one?

Let's take a closer look!

CT01 T-shirt:

like it easy-going?

The CT01 crew neck T-shirt truly displays what a contemporary T-shirt is all about.

The relaxed cut and straight form get underlines by waiving the side seams!

No side seams always grant a cool look and good feeling whether you tuck it in your favorite pair of denim or letting it fall straight.

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CT02 T-shirt:

got some brought shoulders?

You might know it: you found the T-shirt in which your shoulders and chest sit perfectly but further below, it's too wide.

The CT02 converges a bit thanks to the thoughtful use of side seams. So if you trained yourself to any form of that coveted V-shape, this T-shirt does not fall straight but underlines this shape in a subtle way.

So how about treating yourself to the perfect T-shirt?

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