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FinancialTimes. June 2023

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Merz B Schwanen, a German heritage brand, looms its Good Originals products so the garments are seamless except for triangular inserts in the armpit – a game-changer for fit. The label also categorises some cuts by decade, and while the ’50s models work best for my shape, the three-button Henley has the snuggest bicep fit. You do, however, have to figure in a three to five per cent shrinkage with Schwanen’s Good Originals garments, and they are cut small to begin with – so go large. 

  ​Mark C O'Flaherty • FinancialTimes

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GOOD ORIGINALS | 1950s loopwheeled T-Shirt, 155g, classic Fit

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Mark C. O'Flaherty 5. Juni 2023
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