What is Slow Fashion to Merz b. Schwanen?

Fashion United. November 2021 / Article

Following up on this week's story, we want to dive a little bit deeper into Slow Fashion.

Slow Fashion means slowing down not in the sense of producing or being slow, but keeping calm and having patience in making timeless and long-lasting pieces that will be your loyal companions throughout the years. 

Slow Fashion represents sustainable and conscious fashion. It's about creating mindful collections, ensuring each piece of apparel is of high quality. The term describes a change towards more responsibility and respect for people and the environment and a different awareness towards products, their origins, and our consumption behavior. To the benefit of environmentally friendly manufacturing and selection of the best natural materials, sustainable production and high-quality processing, the conscious use and durability of clothing – this is everything Merz b. Schwanen stands for ever since.

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GOOD ORIGINALS | 206 loopwheeled Henley, 8,6oz, classic fit

01 | white



Press Club, FashionUnited 15. November 2021
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