The AW24 collection is a captivating embodiment of the spirit of the Mid-Century and early 70s, a time when imagination reigned supreme.

This collection pays homage to an era characterized by pure lines, new patterns, and bold colors, where individuals dared to imagine completely new things and embraced innovation as a means of finding their freedom.

Let's celebrate the power of our imagination!


The Merz b. Schwanen AW2024 collection seamlessly blends the essence of Mid-Century and sophisticated early 70s aesthetics, showcasing a harmonious fusion of timeless design and contemporary influences. With its source in original German workwear, this collection strikes a perfect balance between functionality and fashion, catering to the modern individual's needs and desires.

The collection embraces natural colors, predominantly brown tones, subtle pumpkin nuances, and highlights of carbon blue and berry violet tones. Additionally, broken twill and corduroy emerge as a new fabric, while stand-up turtlenecks, ribbed chunky knitwear pullovers, and boxy cropped fits add to the classic and timeless styles and shapes.