Care Tips for Longevity of Your Knitwear

As all Merz b. Schwanen products, each knit garment is carefully manufactured with a lot of experience and great attention to detail. We have our knits made at a family-run knitting mill in Portugal, which is already manufacturing knitwear in the second generation.

Our wool products are made of high-qualitycompletely naturalcertified mulesing-free merino wool. They are not chemically treated to preserve the extraordinary natural properties of high-quality wool. Furthermore, for sustainability reasons, we refrain from admixtures of nylon or polyester in this material: this has the consequence that the products without these additives are not quite as dimensionally stable and durable as we may now be used to from other materials products that have such admixtures. However, it has the advantages of being kind to the skin and the environment, among other things.

100% NATURAL, renewable & biodegradable 

No other fibre, natural or man-made, can match all of wool's naturally inherent benefits.

skin- & environmental-friendly

Wool garments have the lowest water and energy use per wear and have moisture and temperature management qualities.


All materials used for manufacturing meet premium standards.


All our wool is certified mulesing-free wool.

Here are a few care tips so that you can enjoy your wool items for a long time:

Wool is a delicate fiber that can quickly lose its shape if not treated appropriately for the material. 
Please pull wet wool only gently into shape - never pluck, roll or wring it out too much! Always squeeze out excess water gently. Then spread out and dry on a towel. It is also essential that wool laundry is not hung to dry, as it loses its shape and wears out.

Find out more washing and care tips here.

Source: Lookiero

Choosing the right detergent

Wool should always be washed with wool detergent (acid-based) only as a wool fiber consists of proteins (please be sure to follow the instructions on the band). Please, make sure to not use 'normal' detergent for your knitwear. In this case, the upper scales will open, and the thread will become matted. If you use a wool detergent and wash them, as described in the washing instructions, in the wool wash cycle and do not spin heavily (max. 800 revolutions), you should enjoy our knitwear for a long time.

Do you know our gentle plant-based wool detergent?

Do you have more questions?

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Merz b. Schwanen, Karina Korolova October 13, 2022
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