Long-lasting  pleasure

                          with the right care

                          Textiles are products that symbolize closeness, character, and liveliness. All Merz b. Schwanen textiles are made in a unique and traditional way from natural materials to guarantee that authentic vintage look and feel. For the production of our quality textiles, we use varying fibers with very distinct properties.

                          In order to maintain these characteristics as long as possible, and to enjoy your textiles for a long time, they require the appropriate care.

                          Find out more about our materials.

                            GOOD CARE

                          We all can make a difference – it just takes a few changes in our daily routine.

                          If we care for our authentic vintage garments properly, not only will we enjoy them much longer, 

                          but we also can definitely make that much of an impact that will be felt long into the future.

                          Be aware, take care – enjoy longer.

                          1. The care label

                          Please take the care label instructions to heart.

                          Here you find the proper washing and care instructions.

                          2. The right

                          washing detergent

                          Please use the appropriate detergent, e.g. wool detergent for woolen textiles.

                          We have developed our very own washing detergent, which is extremely fiber- & skin-friendly thanks to all-natural ingredients. We recommend the use of color detergent – also for white and natural textiles.

                          Due to environmental and skin-friendly reasons, we do not use any bleaching or optical whites. The bleach and optical brightener used in heavy-duty detergents may reduce color brilliance and may also change the nuances of our natural white tones.

                          Our special detergents will not change the condition of your new favorite garments and keep them as nice as they are. All that you can enjoy your authentic vintage garment for as long as possible.

                          A small amount of the washing concentrate in each laundry is enough to give your textiles the best care possible.

                          3. Low spinning only

                          Please use a low-spinning program with a maximum of 1000 revolutions per minute for washing.

                          Pull into shape carefully after washing.

                          4. Air-drying

                          All garments love air more than a tumble dryer – and Mother Earth, too. 

                          To prolong your joy with your favorite garment best let it air-dry.

                          GOOD ORIGINALS vs. GOOD BASICS

                          What's the difference?

                          The GOOD ORIGINALS are differently pre-treated differently than the GOOD BASICS garments.

                          GOOD ORIGINALS

                          • are unwashed and may shrink up to  2cm in the first wash.

                          Please note the size information and product measurements to choose your perfect-fitting piece.

                          Tip: you find the tables for each style in the description under Form & Fit.

                          GOOD BASICS

                          • are pre-washed – no shrinkage expected.

                          Put on your new piece and enjoy it straight after purchase.

                          Tip: you find the tables for each style in the description under  Form & Fit.


                          HOW TO TAKE CARE OF WOOL?

                          As all Merz b. Schwanen products, each knit garment is carefully manufactured with a lot of experience and great attention to detail. Our wool products are crafted from high-quality fibers, ensuring they remain entirely natural
                          Every product, whether entirely composed of merino wool or featuring it, is guaranteed to be certified mulesing-free.

                          Here are a few care tips to enjoy your wool items for a long time.

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                          Here are some tips on how to store your winter clothes perfectly & to prevent moths in your closet.

                          Following these simple steps, you can keep your winter clothes in a good condition and ready to wear when the colder months return.

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                          Here are some additional care facts, we'd like to share with you:

                          • Please always read the  care label and take care instructions to heart.

                          Do not wash dark laundry at a temperature that is too hot. High temperatures break the fibers and the color can fade faster.

                          Do not use heavy-duty detergent. This contains bleach, which will definitely cause the colors to bleed. Always use color-detergent or our Merz b. Schwanen detergent, which has been specially developed for our textiles.

                          • Please turn the garment inside out before washing. This way, the outer surface is protected from mechanical processing during washing.

                          • There are numerous household remedies that protect dark clothes from fading. or renew their brightness. These include the true allrounder vinegar. It brightens the black color and protects against detergent residues that can settle on clothing during washing. Furthermore, vinegar is considered a natural fabric softener. Before switching on the washing machine, simply put a cup of vinegar in the drum and your favorite dark textiles will be better-protected.

                          • Salt and pepper are not only ideal for seasoning meat or vegetables – they also have their uses in the washing machine. Just like vinegar, salt prevents detergent from sticking to the laundry and damaging the fibers. Simply put half a cup of "white gold" onto the laundry in the drum. Two teaspoons of pepper in the washing machine can remove detergent residue and prevent fading, as pepper acts as a natural abrasive that rubs soap residue off the fibers. In addition, the black color of pepper can freshen up dark clothing.

                          We wish you long-lasting pleasure with

                          your Merz b. Schwanen garments!