Peter Plotnicki: Co-OWNER & Photographer of Merz b. schwanen

Advent Calendar Special


In addition to his interest in timeless styles and design, Peter Plotnicki, Co-Founder and photographer of Merz b. Schwanen, has always been a passionate photographer.

For his photographs, he is captivated by contrasts:

up-down, sky-earth, black-white, airiness-massiness, light-dark, energy-matter. ⁠

He started to ask himself if all these elements were completely different things or just different gradations of the same? Where was the distinction between two opposites, or was there a gentle, not discernable transition?⁠

Peter Plotnicki is capturing these opposites in his photos, as well as the gentle transitions, and he poses the question to the observer:⁠

What is your shadow?⁠

What is your perspective?⁠

What is your reality?⁠

Holiday Special: take a chance!

As part of our Advent Calendar, you have the exclusive chance to win your favorite of Peter's photographs as one of the first-ever high-quality prints:

either for you or as a wonderful present that will definitely bring a lot of joy to you or your beloved ones!


More information in our Instagram Account: @merzbschwanen.

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 Admire more of Peter Plotnicki's photographs:

Instagram: @peterplotnicki


Peter Plotnicki: Co-OWNER & Photographer of Merz b. schwanen
Merz b. Schwanen, Mona Weber December 14, 2021
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