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Maurice, Customer Experience Manager
Staff Picks: Maurice, Customer Experience Manager


This is Maurice from Merz b. Schwanen, earning my stripes here (literally) in customer experience.

Summer. Sun. Berlin. Though not quite the French Riviera, in my humble opinion, you can never go wrong with stripes. Horizontal, upside down, all-around. Be it short-sleeved or long-sleeved, it's for everyone."

"Classy, yet casual. Not plain, but not too playful either. Stripes have an unmistakably maritime flair to them. I feel like they add a touch of effortless breeziness and lightness to any fabric - pop on some stripes, the sun is out, and the air smells like the salty sea (at least in spirit).

The 2M14 T-shirt is the Merz b. Schwanen take on the classic “la marinière“ of the Breton shirt. 100% organic cotton, made in Germany on an original circular knitting machine from the 1960s.

My absolute go-to T-shirt for the summer. Have yourself some stripes and enjoy the sun!


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Staff Picks
Merz b. Schwanen, Maurice Sigleur July 18, 2023
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