How The Bear Became High-Key Fashion Television

Esquire. July 2023 / Feature

Costume designer Courtney Wheeler gets candid about Carmy's iconic white tee, that Thom Brown moment, and the stealthy style of kitchen culture.

Trishna Rikhy: Of all the plain white T-shirts in the world, why did you settle on Merz B. Schwanen?

Courtney Wheeler: That was established in the pilot. [...] When I tell you we got T-shirts from literally everywhere, I think we had about a dozen different brands. Jeremy walked into the fitting and it's literally just white T-shirts and black work pants and Birkenstocks. He looks at us, like, "This is what I’m doing?" We said, yeah, this is what you’re doing, and he said, “Okay, great.” 

The Merz just fit him so well. And it's such a great cut. The white T-shirt is perfect. Merz has a perfect cut, it truly is a great T-shirt.

​             Trishna Rikhy • Esquire 


GOOD ORIGINALS | 215 loopwheeled T-shirt, 8,6oz, classic fit

01 | white



Trishna Rikhy July 12, 2023
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