Interview with Peter Plotnicki of Merz b. Schwanen

No Man Walks Alone. 2017 / Article

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Peter Plotnicki is one of those lucky souls who has taken a passion and turned it into a career. Always an avid collector of vintage items, Peter has taken over a vintage company, Merz B. Schwanen, and turned it into a thriving enterprise.

David Isle: What are the differences between the vintage pieces and today's Merz shirts?

Peter Plotnicki: The first difference is the patterns. We started at the beginning much closer to the vintage pieces. The patterns were not very well shaped. The second difference is we have brand labels inside our shirts, whereas vintage shirts had only labels to indicate the materials.

  ​              David Isle / Peter Plotnicki• No Man Walks Alone 

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David Isle July 22, 2017
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