Merz B. Schwanen Organic Cotton Hooded Sweater

Heddels. April 2017 /Article

Hoodies are normally a dime a dozen — which is OK, variety is the spice of life and all that — but this clean, classic offering from Merz b. Schwanen sets itself apart from the pack. For starters, it’s made from organic cotton and, just like your organic kale, that choice has positive implications for the environment, which makes it a feel-good purchase, too, if that’s your cup of kombucha.

The fabric also feels good due to that organic cotton being densely knit on antique machines. And since Merz is a rare bird you can brag about that, too — just beware of shrinking, because these will shrink. Nobody brags about that.

​            Adam Boskey • Heddels 


GOOD ORIGINALS | 3S82 loopwheeled sweatshirt, 5,5oz, organic cotton, classic fit

51 | dark navy

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Adam Boskey, Heddels April 13, 2017
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