Merz b. Schwanen - The Revival of a German Clothing Brand that started with a Flea Market Find

Makers Bible. June 2022 / Article

Foto: Merz b. Schwanen

The model 215 Army t-shirt by Merz b. Schwanen is one of the Good Basics collection and comes in a few different colours and lacks a lateral seam. It exemplifies the brands attitude perfectly: Basic, casual,understatement. The ink-blue t-shirt, for example, is dyed with real indigo once the shirt is finally produced in white. Like many hand-crafted indigo dyed pieces like denim pants, denim shirts -or this one fades in colour slightly. Again a product that gains individuality time by time it is worn and washed.

Finest Cotton working-class shirts made again on the Swabian Alp.

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Makers Bible June 28, 2022
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