The Great White T-Shirt Review

Heddels. January 2019 / Feature

Ah the t-shirt. Is there a more humble garment in the world of fashion? Something that can at once occupy a $10 three-pack and $300 one-pack but still look pretty much identical from more than a few yards away.

But not all t-shirts are created equal. In this review, we hoped to find just which tees came out on top by comparing white t-shirts from 18 different brands through an extensive battery of tests. This is the most exhaustive and intense review we’ve ever done here at Heddels and we’re proud to share our results.

​              David Shuck • Heddels 


GOOD ORIGINALS | 1950s loopwheeled T-shirt, 5,5oz, classic fit

01 | white


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David Shuck, Heddels January 24, 2019
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