On the tail end of the colder months, our collective energy shifts. It lifts, lightens and takes on new, restorative hues. Merz b. Schwanen’s new Spring/Summer Collection 2024 captures this feeling – the annual re-dipping of toes into the refreshing world of spring, summer and color.

Merz b. Schwanen’s SS2024 is a celebration of renewal. It’s about blush pink’s ability to brighten your mood. Green’s capacity to ruffle creativity. Blue’s knack for boosting mental clarity. It’s about how color compels us to smile, and its spectrum is yours to style however you like. 

Forever original, Merz b. Schwanen’s SS2024 is a showcase of Grass, Newman Red, Honey, Vintage Blue, Peach and more, designed as always to look, feel and function beautifully.