good originals

Original. Loopwheeler. Germany.

The production floor measures 300 square meters and a few floorboards squeak. There is a gentle hum in the air, almost like a simple melody.

On the ceiling, old wooden discs are spinning, connected with each other by five-centimeter wide leather straps. The straps lead to a single transmission engine keeping everything on the floor in motion.

Light shines through the windows, and the metal patina of the 31 original loopwheelers and circular knitting machines is glowing warmly. There they are – perfectly conserved and functional. The newest one was built in the 60s, the oldest machine stems from 1920.

Almost forgotten by the rest of the world, those gentle giants were patiently waiting for a second chance since the 1960s.

original loopwheelers

Every machine is fitted with over a thousand needles. In the old days, every needle was made by hand. They are assembled in a row, knitting the thread row for row as it spools down. This happens in a gentle and calm, productive atmosphere – feeling many of us wish to have in their job and daily routine.

The machines are reliable, but not perfect. The small irregularities within the fabric are an essential part of the characteristic look and feel of the garments. And since every top is produced without a lateral seam, there is a fitting circular knitting machine for every size.

The unique comfort such a rare production process provides is evident from the second you first slip into one of the garments.


manufactured in germany

Being known for its long-lasting tradition in the textile industry, the Swabian Alp was always classified as the stronghold when it comes to crafting garments. Sadly, the region was overhauled by the ravages of time: cheap production forced a lot of manufacturers to close their businesses. Some recovered, some didn’t:

Merz b. Schwanen adheres to the region and still produces its GOOD ORIGINALS on the Swabian Alps with authentic production methods and primarily on original loopwheelers.

Made with good materials

All of our fabrics have one in thing in common: they are all made of high-quality materials such as organic cotton all grown under controlled biological farming conditions, soft wool of organic stock farming or the natural product of viscose.

These natural finished materials assure the best feel and comfort while wearing!

pure Textiles

The all natural condition of the materials is warranted by omitting chemical additives or an
industrial pre-wash.

All this make each fabric an eco-friendly textile which is very gentle to the skin.

authentic packaging

When it comes to protecting and packing our garments, we think outside of the box. Special textiles deserve special packaging, and even this is made by a family business following the original design.

Made by one of the last producers being able to fabricate lateral clips, the boxes carry some history themselves. Of course, you can store whatever you like inside of the useful cartons, but your Merz b. Schwanen garment might fit best. 


DESIGNS inspired by all-time classics

Classic cuts that show the origins of Merz b. Schwanen now come to the fore.

The GOOD ORIGINALS cap all decades from the 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s all the way up to modern styles from 1950’s to 1980’s.

These garments are directly inspired by a traditional way of crafting garments, honest workmanship, and passion.

See the all-time favorites here

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns


Crew-neck T-shirt


Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns


V-neck T-shirt


Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns


Button-facing long sleeve


limited seasonal colors and styles

We also enjoy creating new colors, styles, and fabrics.

Therefore, each season there some limited special pieces highlighting every time of the year.

See all  new arrivals here


Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns


Crew-neck T-shirt


Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns


Button-facing long sleeve


Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns


Crew-neck sweatshirt


inspired by true originals

organic cotton

loopwheeled with no side-seams

manufactured in Germany on the Swabian Alb